My name is Jess Delaney and welcome to my website on mybigfoot4x4.com. This site is about Bigfoot related vehicles, projects, and stories from a lifelong fan. With the long and great history of Bigfoot there is a lot to share and many will probably have had the same great experiences. 

Like many, I became a Bigfoot fan as a kid, and my interest and appreciation has evolved along with the trucks and team. I have enjoyed seeing things change and improve while setting the industry standard. Many changes have been "firsts" including being the first monster truck, the first car crush, the first Stage 2 truck, the first tube chassis truck, and being the winner of the first bona fide monster truck race, just to name a few of the big ones.

Of all the changes, one thing that has remained the same is the people behind it all, and that has both maintained and increased my appreciation and fanhood. Drivers and crew members have changed over the years and while they all have their own personalities and contributions, they are all great people. All Bigfoot team members have an impressive way of putting the needs of fans ahead of their own, and give far more than they would ever take. They have done so much for so many, and that is the main thing I'm a fan of. As a bonus they operate some of the most impressive vehicles on the planet and have created a great motorsport. 

I look forward to sharing some of my projects and Bigfoot stuff on this site, and stay tuned for updates. Coming up is a restoration of a full size Ford Bronco that my Dad bought new in 1990. The project was deliberately done utilizing products from Bigfoot sponsors. Many hours of prep were spent prior to laying on PPG paint and there is an Odyssey battery to go with the Lucas oil products, Firestone tires and many boxes from Summit racing. Thanks for stopping in at mybigfoot4x4.com and being a fan like me.