Old R/C

My friend Dave (left) and I racing back in the day.

Welcome back to 1991. Kyosho Big Boss with Parma Bigfoot body.

More Kyosho Big Boss fun.

Grave Digger on Kyosho Big Brute chassis. (My Bigfoot needed some competition so here it is..)

Crushing some cars we made from sheetmetal for the "authentic look". It took way longer to make them than crush them...

A functiuonal tow truck, Tamiya Clod with Kyosho Big Boss cab, and custom body. Not the fastest R/C ever, but it could really crush with all the weight.


Some winter plowing with a home made plow on a Tamiya Clod Buster, back before you could buy the cool plows that they have now. I cut the blade out of a piece of PVC pipe and it worked pretty well. Beats shoveling.

Experimenting with other "elaborate" crush cars from boxes. 

A 2011 shot of the fleet with recent and old mixed in. Some have been phased out with others added since, but I seem to maintian about this many...