Bronco Project

Original resto-mod done in 2003-2005 with all new NOS factory panels.

A  Bigfoot inspired project is the re-restoration of my Dad's full size Bronco. This vehicle was purchased by him new, and a complete resto-mod was done by me in 2003. While still looking good and doing well at car shows, a refresh of the truck was started in the summer of 2017. The idea for the project was to get a new look, make a few improvements, and do so using products that sponsor Bigfoot. It was nice to support those that support Bigfoot, and also get some great products on the vehicle. Most noticeable is the PPG paint, which was also used originally. The whole truck was blocked by hand, re-primed, re-blocked, and re-primed again prior to laying on the tuxedo black metallic. From there a good friend took over with the cobalt blue and grey scallops for a classic hot rod look that's subtle at night, but highly noticeable in the sunlight. An Odyssey battery was added to go with the Lucas Oil products, and are just a couple of the parts delivered by Summit Racing. A set of the new Firestone MT/2 tires (33x12.50/15) were added on Fuel wheels, and painted to match the grey in the scallops. This work was completed by the fall, and the current winter project is to change suspension components to be color matched to the grey, and convert the truck to a quad shock set up which it never had before. After that the truck will be complete again, for now...

2nd block and prime, with much time spent on aligning panels.

A new set of Firestone MT/2 all mounted and balanced

Rough ideas for graphic layout


All back together in October 2017.

Changing the radius arms and shock towers to grey to go with new color scheme, and was able to get two new shock towers that are for a quad shock set up. Next up is to install shocks, re-connect brakes (important...) and get rolling again.